In the past 5 days I have worn make up once, used a hair dryer only once and worn heels once – all on the same day mind you and only because I had to make myself presentable to attend a wedding.

Now before you start planning an intervention, it’s ok as I am enjoying a beach holiday.

I decided on day one I was going to fully embrace beach life and keep life simple wearing only lightweight linen tees and shorts and my favourite slides.

The past 5 days have all started the same; a morning walk along the beach followed by breakfast at some stage during the morning from our balcony overlooking the beach. I couldn’t tell you what time any of this takes place mind you as I am on beach time which means I don’t even know what day it is let alone what the time might be.

For someone who is normally very organized, planned and structured I am very surprised at how quickly I took to fully embracing beach life.

In my normal world I am in the shower at 6am and fully dressed and made up by 7am ready to start the day.

I packed all my make up for this trip. I laugh to myself when I see it sitting untouched in my make up bag. The only thing I have put on my face during this time is my skincare and lashings of SPF50.

Well apart from the day when I had to wear make up for the wedding, however halfway through layering my foundation I was already wanting to wipe it off and go to the wedding sans makeup…who am I when I am the beach!!

And my hair…well I have only brushed and dried it once and only because I had to.

Who really needs a hair dryer and hair products when you are at the beach? Sea salt from the actual sea and a hat is all one needs.

Again, for those reading this who know me, I am ok – do not send help. I am sure I will return to my normal daily hair and make up routines when I get home.

But the question I keep I asking myself is do I really want to?

The answer is of course yes, because I enjoy dressing up and looking neat and tidy but maybe it is time I took some of this beach life vibe back home into my everyday world.

After 5 days of embracing beach life, I really think I could get used to this…the simplicity, the comfort, the freedom!

I have just come back from a swim in the resort pool. I smell like sunscreen and salt water. My hair is flying in every different direction, and I still have my swimmers on as I am likely to head back there soon. I thought it best though to get dressed so I threw on a comfy tee shirt – albeit a nice navy and white stripe tee, but as I looked at my denim shorts laying on my bed it just all seemed too hard.

Do I really need to wear pants I asked myself? No was my answer!

Then, feeling hungry after my swim I decided to make a little afternoon snack.

My snack was not my usual Saturday afternoon treat of French brie and gourmet crackers because put simply there is nowhere close by to source such treats from. A quick look through the fridge and cupboard solved my post swim hunger.

As I have penned these few reflective words of my last 5 days beach side on how I think I could get used to this lifestyle,  I have done so from my balcony with a cup of tea, eating a vegemite and cheese sandwich and wearing no pants.

I think I may need that intervention after all!

Natt xx


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