Life Is Short….Buy The Shoes!

A dear friend of mine gave me a coffee cup a few years ago. It was hot pink with the following words inscribed on it: Life is short…Buy the shoes!

Now I am not a person who normally needs encouragement to buy shoes. In fact, buying shoes has never been a weak area in my life.

On a dream trip to Paris 3 years ago I purchased many things – especially shoes. And, I made sure I saved the best purchase til the very last day – a stunning pair of Chanel shoes.

You see, the last thing on my Paris to do list was to visit 30 Rue Cambon – the very famous home of Chanel.

Have I told you I also got to stand on her famous stair case? Fashion lovers will know that is a big deal – anyway, not the point of this story, I will save that story for another time!

Back to the shoes…

I was captivated by a pair of black and gold lace up, shoes, so my husband encouraged me to try them on.

And can I just say it was love at first step!

Yet, I was feeling awkward about buying these shoes. They were after all very expensive and seriously, did I really need them? I tried to be practical and was going to settle for a nice red lipstick.

You see, deep down I didn’t feel like I deserved to have shoes so luxurious & expensive.  Perhaps deep down, I was worried what people would think of me for spending the price of an overseas plane ticket on a pair of shoes.

Thankfully, my husband saw through my excuses and encouraged me to buy the shoes.

And I am so glad he did.

Life is simply too short to not make the most of it. Especially those special moments that don’t come around too often.

Back to the coffee cup…

You see what is so special to me about that particular coffee cup, and the clear instruction that life is short so buy the shoes, is the friend who gave it to me was actually battling cancer for the 2nd time.

A beautiful woman, much loved wife and treasured mum to 4 gorgeous kids. Sadly she passed from this life to eternity, very peacefully and surrounded by the love of her family.

So when I look at the cup, yes it reminds me of her but it also reminds me to enjoy life today.

Life is short, you never know what tomorrow will bring. All we have is today – so let’s make the most it.

My friend taught me this on her journey….she knew her life was being cut short, so why waste time not doing the things you want to do, why waste time complaining, why waste time not living.

Why waste time sweating the small stuff… is short, buy the shoes!

Does this mean I spend all my money on expensive designer shoes all the time? No, of course not.

But I make sure I make the most of the special moments, the simple moments, the moments that you may never get again.

I once heard someone pray the following – thank you Lord for the gift of today.

I love that!

Today is a gift, today is precious. What are you going to do with your today? Are you making the most of i?

Can I encourage you to take time to breathe in fresh air today, take time to smile today, take time to say sorry today, take time to say I love you today, take time to be generous today………life is short , buy the shoes!

Till next time
Natt xx

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